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Students shall be counted in attendance if they are actually present at school at the time the attendance is taken or are away from school on a school day and engaged in an educational activity that constitutes a part of the school-approved instructional program for the student (Section 1003.23, Florida Statutes).

Tardies & Early Check Outs

To help prevent classroom disruptions SMS will be adhering to the following rules:

After beginning bell @ 8:02  -  Unexcused Tardy
Before ending bell  @  2:30  -  Unexcused Early Checkout

Early Check outs will be documented as UEC (Unexcused Early Checkout).  According to our Student Handbook 4 Unexcused Tardies OR 4 Unexcused Early Checkouts constitute 1 absence.
If a student has 5 Unexcused Absences within a calendar month they may be referred to a Study Team for Truancy.

When a student arrives late to school:


When a student is tardy:
1) Parent must walk the student in to school.
2)  Parents must sign students in.
3) On  the fourth tardy, and each tardy after, the student will receive a discipline referral and be sent to tardy hall.

Early dismissals will not be granted without telephone and/or personal verification. Students with an approved early dismissal must be signed out at the office. The school staff will insist upon positive photo identification of the parent or guardian. Only persons listed on a student’s emergency record form may sign a student out of school.

To ensure the safety of students, Students will not be allowed to check out after 2:15. Please plan accordingly.