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Needmore Unicorns Production 2016-2017

The Drama Department is  producing a comedy webseries called Needmore Unicorns. It is a 10 minute comedy show about the life of middle schoolers in the town of Needmore.

The idea for the show came from Padyn Chaney who was involved in the drama club last year. Mrs. Dean with the help of her writing team which includes Padyn, Natalie Dunn, Randa Wood, Keri Marshall, and Robbie 

Episode 1  Link

Episode 2 Link

Episode 3 Link

Episode 4 Link

Episode 5 Link

Episode 6 Link

Needmore Unicorns Production 2017-2018

The SMS Film Production Team has released their first episode this year of their YouTube show: Needmore Unicorns.

You can also follow them on Instagram by searching Needmore Unicorns.

Episode 2:1  The Election